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Lobbies are the first things that people see when they walk into a building. As the old saying goes, first impressions are everything. It’s important to keep up appearances and, as such, lobby renovations in the GTA are sometimes a necessity that cannot be avoided. It may seem like a daunting task to bring new life to a possibly tired and aging lobby, but with the right interior design and millwork build team, anything is possible. An experienced team of professional interior designers and properly trained craftsmen can rejuvenate any interior space and ensure that the best possible impression is received by anyone walking through the building.


An Eye for Detail


It takes a lot of practice and a firm grasp on available materials to design a lobby. This eye for detail can only be attained through years of experience, which is why when you’re looking for an interior designer, a strong portfolio of completed projects is vital. Some of the best in the business have done well over a hundred commercial, retail and residential spaces in the last five years. The ability to examine some previous works will give you an idea of the abilities and skills of both the interior designers and the builders working with them.


Built to Last


An inexperienced team of builders can be an excellent choice for small projects and repair jobs, but they shouldn’t be used for a project as big as the rejuvenation of a lobby. They may quote a smaller fee, but their costs tend to rise due to their untrained eye in terms of the time it takes to complete a task. They may not have established relationships with suppliers that can also lead to higher costs. An experienced team will provide a more accurate quote and have fewer problems along the way. They’ll also be able to provide better, longer lasting results.


What to Look For


When shopping around for a company to handle a lobby renovation, there are a few things to look for that will help lead to the best team possible. A diverse team made up of both interior designers and experienced builders working together is beneficial. Each knows the strengths and potential weaknesses of the other, which will help to ensure that designs can be implemented without a problem. Combining a group of experienced designers with an inexperienced build team can lead to disastrous results. Be sure to choose an experienced and reputable team with a strong portfolio for your perusal. The importance of experience cannot be overstated.


Lobby renovations in the GTA can be a headache. Take the pain out of the process by bringing in the best design and build team in the area. Their combined experience and attention to detail will make any project shine. It’s the best way to ensure a high-quality renovation, and the only way to get a little peace of mind during the process. Contact the finest in the industry to get your lobby project started and have a rejuvenated and modern new lobby in no time!

Condo Lobby Renovation Toronto

Condo Lobby Renovation Toronto
Condo Lobby Renovation Toronto

What is the process for getting an estimate for a renovation project such as a condo lobby in Toronto?


Are there minimum requirements and how long does this usually take? 

Thank you.


By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
Hello Stanley,
Thank you for your question to us regarding condo lobby renovations.

To get an estimate, the basic requirements are the existence of architectural and construction drawings, a physical job site inspection and Approval for renovation from the condo’s Corporation.


The process of attaining a quotation is based on the scope of work required, selected materials and finishes by the client; and whether or not new design drawings have been created with the necessary specifications and material specs.


The time that it would take to provide an estimated price differs depending on the size of the project, effective meeting with the client and the readiness of paperwork.

These are all things to take into consideration when looking to get a quote for a project such as a condo lobby renovation. The sooner all the requirements are met, the sooner the renovation process can begin.
Here are some examples we have worked on in the past:
Condo Lobby Renovation Toronto
Condo Lobby renovation toronto
Condo Lobby Renovation Toronto
Condo Lobby Renovation Toronto
I hope this has helped to both give you an idea of the requirements needed to attain a qoute, and offered insight on the kind of work we can do.
Please feel free to visit our website for more details and information about previous projects or to book a free consultation!
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